Accessible Tourism

Holidaying in Portugal, visiting cities, touring the country to get to know its heritage or enjoying relaxing holidays at the seaside is within the reach of everyone.

For short or long stays Portugal, is the right choice. Good climate, with a great diversity of interests at short distances from each other and an assorted array of activities and tourist services with our customary friendliness.

Lxiscare offers personal care and tourist support services for those who need (extra) help during their holiday.


If you come to Portugal, and you need day-to-day care, we can assist in arranging experienced caregivers during your holiday, that is fully adjusted to your wishes and requirements, being available to spend all your holidays, 24/7.

In a scenario where you want to spend a longer period in Portugal, we can also arrange the right help.

Perfect for when your primary caregiver is a relative or a friend who needs a break themselves or you are going on a trip alone. We will provide assistance with all essential elements of care without you losing autonomy.


Specialized care

Our experienced caregivers provide care that is built around your specific needs. We help with daily care, like administering medication, to get up in the morning, bath and with all other facets of care during the day, and night.

A complex condition is not a barrier to Lxiscare. With the right level of medical assistance, we will make sure that you or your loved ones can enjoy a relaxed vacation.

What we can do for you:

24/7 live-in care services
Personal care and nursing services
Hygiene and personal care in your accommodation
Transfers and bedding
Nursing for rehabilitation and postoperative
Injectables, osteotomy and medical care
Specialized transport (adjusted cars and vans)
Hygiene products
Support materials (adjusted beds, wheelchairs…)

Our management and support team works in a full availability system to guarantee that each client has the responses they need in a short period of time.

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