In a time when managing your own body is an obstacle to an active life, and at a time when families do not always have the time or knowledge to deal with their seniors, a qualified professional becomes indispensable to provide the most appropriate support.

Thus, considering the individual needs and the comfort and well-being of all, Lxiscare offers a service network, isolated or integrated, totally dedicated to the elderly and integrating diversified and specialized services.

For this, we have a team of professionals with proven experience working in several areas, namely at the level of care (live-in carers) and cleaning (housekeepers) and also home healthcare services (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists …).

As each case is different from the others, the whole process begins with a visit by experts – a social worker and a health technician – to assess the conditions of the home and the person’s physical and cognitive situation.

Having identified all the needs, namely of products to support the elderly, a 100% personalized plan is elaborated and adapted to your daily life, subject to periodic supervision, which includes detailed reports that become part of each user’s dossier.

We guarantee safety, protection, affection and friendship. Bet on maximum dedication, permanent accompaniment, 24 hour assistance. We have the right company to give more quality of life to all the elderly. Rely on our sensitivity and differentiated knowledge.


Residential cleaning
Preparing and / or assisting in the distribution of meals
Hygiene and personal comfort care
Support in the most varied activities / day to day tasks
Appropriate medication administration at hours
Assistance 24h / day, 365 days (can include weekends and holidays)
Marking and follow-up to treatments or / and specialty consultations (psychology / nutrition / nursing / physiotherapy / speech therapy / podiatry …)
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