At Lxiscare , we believe that health care and wellness at home, where possible, is the best option for those who need support and for the whole family.

Our assistance, 100% personalized and integrated (multidisciplinary), can be requested on an occasional, regular or permanent basis (24 hours), with the aim of guaranteeing your maximum comfort and absolute well-being.

For this we have a team of professionals, highly qualified and experienced in their field of work, namely geriatric assistants, housekeepers, cleaners, as well as various specialists in home care.

All our employees are selected by Lxiscare’s Human Resources team according to very strict parameters, and are always subject to periodic evaluations.

You can request a home visit free of charge and without obligation, so that our technicians can determine the effective care needs and products (technical aids) and outline the most appropriate plan for your specific case.

With our continuous commitment, we build lasting relationships of trust, which make a decisive contribution to improving the quality of life of families in general.

We take care of you and you when you need us. Count on us in your daily life. Together we really make a difference. We want to be the most effective answer to all your needs.

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